Tuesday, December 14, 2010

These are the two batches of cookies I made...I needed four dozen cookies for my work cookies exchange.  I made the green ones first...they sure DID NOT look like the picture on the recipe.  I really wanted to make festive cookies this year (in past years I have just bought them) so I was very disappointed in the results.  When Jason looked at them he said, "they do look like chocolate chips cookies...that molded."  "Ouch...that hurts my feelings.  I FOLLOWED the recipe exactly!  The picture doesn't look like this...and this mixing bowl is terrible to work with!"  (seriously - the mixing bowl!!)  So bless his heart, he went out and bought me pretzels and everything to make the batch on the left...which would YOU take to a cookie exchange?? The question is, what do I do with four dozen mint chocolate chip cookies that look moldy?

This picture cracks me up...I was photographing my fabulous pretzels and he popped up...with crossed eyes!

We also went to a cookie exchange.  The boys walk around with our good friend Nancy (Leeand Nancy who we bought our house from) and pointed to the cookies that they would like.  The cookies were gone in THREE DAYS!! They were awesome!

and a picture with our favorite cookie host...Nancy AKA: Leeand Nancy.

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