Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Lights..

We got the Christmas lights up on the house...Jas had a little help this year!

The boys were so excited to help Jason..and Jason is just SO excited to be up on the roof, let alone having the boys up there with him, which basically just stressed him out...actually the entire process stressed him out.
(he is not a fan of heights...understandably...ever since he got stuck on the roof one day...)

Of course, Safety Sam sat most of the time...

I think I heard Jack announce, "Someday mom, I WILL walk the tightrope between the tallest buildings in the world!"

How this picture came to be:
Jason, "Come here boys...your mom needs a picture....hurry up....come on Jack....ok, take it, Katie!"
Me, "ok, smile! Oh - I don't know if I...."
Jason, "Alright, boys, your mom will meet you at the ladder and you need to get down."

and that was the end of the time on the roof....


nanny/mom said...

It makes me nervous just looking at the photos.
Yes, boys, it is time to get down.

Anonymous said...

Now we need a picture of how great the lights look. Good going boys!