Thursday, December 16, 2010


Jason made corn bread to go with the chili for dinner....

Jason: "Boys you need to try the corn bread.  Just one bite won't hurt you." (words of death)

Jack: "I'm not doing it."

Sam:  "Just one bite?"

Me thinking: Great. Someone is going to throw-up, Jason will get upset, I'll gag and dinner will be ruined.  SERIOUSLY...don't go there, Mr. Jason. Remember when you made Jack try carrots??? (barf-o-ramma)

My internal trauma thinking:  NO DON"T DO THAT JASON!  My mom and dad made me sit for over an hour sometimes to eat one pea....and I still don't like them...the peas.  The average person waits in line for 6 months of their life...that doesn't include waiting at a stop light, waiting at the Dr. office or on the phone.  So basically, my parents just added onto my life waitng time.  Plus I got to practice my stubbornness.

Sam after trying one bite:  "I don't really like this. "

Me: "Not a problem, Sam.  Thanks for trying a bite."

Jack:" I'm not doing it."

Jason: "One bite. That's all."

Me thinking: Do I step in and save my child or do I team work with my husband?

Jack takes one bite and the GAG-O-RAMMA begins.

Sam: "OH NO!!"

Jason: "Jack, swallow it and take a drink."

Me thinking: Too late, Mr. College Boy.

Jack throws up on his napkin.

Me thinking: (Wish you didn't eat that fabulous Santa cookie, Jack...what a waste)

Me: "Jason, seriously?"

Jason: "Seriously, Jack!"

Sam....Sam....Oh, he bolted upstairs.

Me:  "Have fun cleaning that up."

Sam (standing at the top of the stairs): "Dad, that just goes to show you that not all people like the same things...and that is OK!"

Me thinking:  Score points for me for teaching Sam that little speech!

Me: smirk and Jason and shrug my shoulders

Jason:  "Sam, I really don't need your advice right now!"

I clean up Jack...

Sam comes down and sits on the complete other end of the island...but not before asking: "Did any of that stuff get on my plate?"

Jack: "See, dad, THAT is why you people should never try new foods."

Since then, Jack has lived on hot dogs, mac-n-cheese and chicken noodle soup. 

Now I am worried that he may be anemic.


mom said...

Jason obviously read the fine print on his parenting certificate that says "one parent has to suck it up give your child a food trauma to blog about in the future". Your dad bravely handled that role.

Don't worry about anemia. You lived on P&J sandwiches on summer. I just gave you a vitamin.

Janet said...

CLASSIC. Katie, when does your book come out? I'm thinking you have a series here. :)