Friday, December 17, 2010

Complete Randomness...

The beautiful cookie tray we received last week isn't so pretty any more...someone "chopped" the head off the "rat" cookie. Notice it is wrapped up in cling-wrap, on the right...either Jason watched the Godfather again and was trying to act out the horse head scene or one of the boys is trying out for the mob.

The boys played out in the snow the other afternoon. Now I have snow art in my freezer. If I ask if it is ok to put out the snow art, you know the answer will be "NO!" and if i put it out without asking first...then that will be the day that the snow art, for some unknown reason, will be needed or missed. You can't win with snow art. (Maybe i will tell them the rat cookie ran away with it.

 (Like Mr. Frog in the background? He is our ice pack for the boys! Nothing funnier then when one of the boys is hurt, in tears and asks in that sobbing voice, "Can I have Mr. Frog, please." )

Went shopping the other night (by myself!!) and picked up a shirt for Sam at Abercrombie (first time I have bought something there in loads of years). They put the purchase in this bag. Nothing looks more odd, strange or weird then a 40 year old woman carrying a naked man bag around! An beside the naked man it says "kids." I HAD to buy something else just to hide my naked man in the other bag!!

Oh, no...either I have become too old or I have become my mother...

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