Monday, May 23, 2016

Polar Plunge!

The boys just couldn't stand it any longer! They had to get into the pool. Please keep in mind that the pool has not been cleaned, so leaves and dirt and "stuff" are floating on the top of the water, AND the water temperature was only 63 degrees! 

Of course, Jack was nominated to go first. 
Needed to double check that the water was freezing!

Check out the look on his face as his warm toes hit the ice! Sam is sooo double thinking this little adventure. Jack said the water was so cold, it took away his breath and he couldn't breath. 

Sam's turn! 
Still waiting...
Anytime, Sam...
 Still thinking it through...(me napping)
and then he suddenly bolts!
 His face is priceless, "Oh Golly! No turning back now!! It is going to be sooo cold!"
 "Oh Jeepers! Here it comes! If I pull up my legs it will delay the contact with the ice water."

Oh. Brrrrrr.

Then I couldn't believe it...they decided to jump in again!
Jack demonstrated his pencil dive or maybe it was one large shiver.
 For a moment I thought he was going to actually walk on water before plunging into the pool.

For some unknown reason, Sam decided to jump in again. 
I think Jack was yelling, "Don't do it!"

Sam:  "Oh Golly, Jack! I'm going into the ice water again!! What was I thinking? If I put my feet out, maybe I won't actually submerge into the water. Oh jeepers, it is cold on my toes" 
Jack:"Yep, Sam!! you are in! No saving you now! I can see your feet touching the water!!"

 Sam had a friend over that was joining in on the "fun." But, check out Jack...he is such an un-expressive kid! Or he might be breaking out into a rap song...never quite sure with Jack. Sam is done...wrapped in a towel that also has a hypothermia lining that he quickly sewed in by himself! (heehee)
I can tell that the boys are going to have hours of fun this summer, no matter what state the pool in in! Me..I am not even putting a toe in until its at least 80 degrees!

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