Friday, January 29, 2016

Reset Girl

My name is Katie and I am a PROUD PLANNER GIRL!!
I said it!!
All thanks to the encouragement of the Reset Girl or Cori Spieker.

This is the Reset Girl.
I stalked her when I went to an Iowa Planners Addict meeting in Cedar Rapids! Yep...a planners meeting! Everyone there LOVED their planners as much as I do!! 

I have always loved paper items (surprise), making lists, planning and scrapbooking. I found The Reset Girl on Instagram and then went to her web-site and found that she has a "Listers Gotta List" community. Basically, Cori (the Reset Girl) creates daily ideas to list about! I fell in love with the idea! At the same time, I discovered  the Erin Condren planner and started using it as my calendar. Soon, Cori stared sharing and posting about her planners..and I was hooked!  Planner community, I am one of you!!

My Friend Kellie, Cori and I!
(selfies are good, they make you look up...thinning!)
With my planner, I decorate it, write in it, memory keep in it and it makes me happy! I love the idea that the boys will have my planner(s) and see all the things that we and I did! I love scrapbooking (AKA Memory Keeping) but don't have a lot of time to sit down and create scrapbooks like I want to, so I see this as an opportunity to memory keep, but with a twist! And honestly, I can get lost in planning in my planner!

Here I am getting a big squishy hug from Cori. 
(That's what she calls them!)
On the left side of this picture is another great planner gal that I follow: FiloAlly.

 Cori has a wonderful, touching story about her life and how she came to call herself the Reset Girl. Very inspiring. You can watch her Periscope explaining what resetting means here. I love her advice and her words and her attitude! I love when she talks about how you will be with yourself until you die, so you might as well love yourself! You care so much for your family, your kids, your friends, your obligations, you cheer-lead for them, you tell them they are great, you coach them, you tell them that they can do anything they want, you talk kindly  to them...why don't we treat ourselves in that manner? Good to think about!

Have you ever met someone that you just want to be around because they have good aura, you can tell they have a big heart, they make you feel welcomed? She does that. So I continued to stalk her, but not in a creepy way!!  I went and got ANOTHER picture with her!
(Really, Katie!!!) 
This time though, I wasn't alone. 
I invited my forehead to come with me!!

I won a fun coffee mug at the planner meeting!They had LOADS of give always and it was fun to check out all the goodies!!

And here is the group of planner "stars" that were all at the meet up and I follow most of them on instagram. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that all this amazing gals were there because they never introduced them, except for Cori! I would have stalked, I mean gotten a few pictures with these other gals, too!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and takes a little time to memory keep or do a little planning in your planner!!

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