Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We've Got a Molter!

Sam and Jack's hermit crabs are living the life! We have upgraded them to a 10 gallon tank. We added more climbing items for them to exercise. We install a temperature thermometer and humidity thermometer to keep both levels between 70-80. We have a spray bottle to add humidity so hermits can breathe more easily. We've added a salt water dish to make them feel even more in their natural habitat. We also changed their bedding from sand to a hermit friendly substrate. Who knew that hermit crabs were so easy to take care of (wink wink!) And, we found out hermits need all this AFTER buying our little friends! 

Let me reintroduce you to these little friends...

Marge is mine. She carries around a wonderful pink house!

Batman is Jack's. He is BIG and has BIG pincers. He intimidates us. All 2" of him!! (notice the red shell in the background..will be important later in this post)
 And the littlest one...Superman. This one is Sam's..hence the "S" on his back.

This weekend we did our morning check on the crabs and thought, WOW! they had a party last night!! The coco hut had loads of bedding shoved under it. So much so no one would be able to go through the door!
Marge is tucked under the shells. If you look rreeeaaallll close, you can see a little pink between the two shells.An if you look reeeeaaalll close, we think you can see the red shell through the hole in top of the coco hut! So exciting!!!
 It's hard to get a photo, but this "messiness" is not a norm for our little hermits.

While looking around, we notice the red empty shell was missing and Superman's shell was empty! This means that Superman has molted or switched shells, which I think is the same thing! If your crab is happy, they will molt. We have happy crabs! That is why the coco hut is all topsy turvy...Superman has a bigger shell! We will have to rename him, "Big Red." 
This picture is actually kind of gross. The carnage left behind...ew!
Glad our crabs are so happy they feel comfortable leaving watery debris behind.
Fun times. 

Will post a picture of Big Red as soon as he makes an appearance.

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