Monday, August 31, 2015


I know it's not going to be good when Sam starts a conversation with "Mom. Please don't be mad..." I just never know what to expect. Ick.

Well, on this night, I was so not expecting this confession!

"Mom. Don't be mad...but, I was running a race against a friend. He cut me off and I fell. I had my phone in my hand."

And then he showed me his phone. Shattered.
 Hmm. "Sam." was all I could say. Jason was out of town, so I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to Jason saying, "This is Sam's phone."

This is where Jason and I balance out each other nicely. Things I freak out on, Jason usually finds to be no big deal. Things Jason freaks out on, I usually find to be no big deal. I thought this was a big deal. I have heard nightmare stories about not being able to replace glass on a phone and you have to buy a new phone. Eek!
It's one of those things that you know will eventually happen. It's just in the odds of life and the many times that phones have been dropped in this was going to happen. I felt bad because it happened to Sam and Sam felt TERRIBLE! I was still a bit disgusted. 
And guess what Jason texted back..."No big deal. We have it covered." Well, OK . So, I turn to Sam and say, "It's no big deal. Dad's got it covered."  

Sam quickly reminded me that in his contract with us, that he will have to pay for any damages done to his phone. So, he has mowed he lawn a few times and still has a little to pay off.  Once again, hard lesson, but lesson learned.

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