Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jack's Football Game..

Jack is playing flag football this year for the Vikings. (What?) Yep, Jack's team is the Vikings! How happy was his coach, who happens to be his dad, who happens to be a HUGE Vikings fan? Pretty exciting!

Side note:
I asked Jack last Saturday if he was excited for his first football game."Yea, but why aren't we playing until Monday night?"  (heehee) I explained how the Vikings, his team, plays on Sunday afternoon. The Vikings, the NFL team, opens on Monday night. "OH!! I didn't understand why dad kept saying "we" play Monday Night Football."

So off to the game we went on SUNDAY!

Look how far I can stretch my mouth and still keep my mouth guard in it!

Sam was on the chain gang and made sure his shoes looked good! (wink wink)

It was a family affair! There's Jason...AKA "Coach." 

Jason puts play sheets into the arm bands for all the kids to wear. They love it!  Here they are checking out the next play.
 At one point, Jason's pay call was, "You are going to get the ball and run it in for a touchdown." the kiddo he told that to, looked at him and said, "OK." And...that kid got the ball and ran his heart out and scored!! Can you imagine him going home and telling his parents, "Coach told me to score. So I did"

Hey. dude. What time you got?

Hmmm...I think my watch is slow.  

Jack was all lined up for this play...notice he is on the goal line. 

These two had a beautiful hand off. Jack had to get around one player and he turned on his guns and scored a 90 yard+ touchdown!! I didn't get a picture. I was cheering. Yea....sometimes I turn into that mom. 
The Vikings (Jack's team) got a win under their belt this day. A great start off to this Vikings season!

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