Monday, September 14, 2015

Footbll Season is Here...

Football season is in FULL swing at our house. We have had Fantasy Football drafts, Jack started his football season yesterday and Sam has started school ball! I am glad to say that everything is going well (phew!)

The biggest change this year is that Sam has started school ball. As would be expected, Sam wasn't sure about the whole idea, but after starting, he loves it! It's a whole different ball game and change this year was good!

I was super excited to pull out my camera and take a few pictures (147) of Sam in his "new" uniform at his first game. 

Sam, if you didn't know this already, loves tennis shoes. He "researched" for his cleats this year and made the decision to  purchase a pair of maroon and gold stripe like cleats. I love them...because I can spot him, due to most other players having black cleats! This selection of shoes will also help you spot him in the following pictures!

 Sam got two sacks in the game, (YAY!) which I did not capture in a photo. I did get this almost sack though!!
 OH MY, SAM! What happened to your left arm? It's a little small!

 Sam is on kick off, too.
 Another attack at the QB.

Where's Sam?
Find the shoes!
 It was a great win for the first game!
 Sam actually got excited!! His doing a little fist bump!!
It's so fun to watching your kiddo have fun!
YAY, Sam!!

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