Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Day at the Lake...

 We have been trying to enjoy our last few days of summer and so one day we headed over to Jason's sister's lake house. Always a favorite day of ours as well as the boys. There are so many friend and family in and out throughout the day and they all just love it when the boys are there. It's great to be so welcomed!

 While getting ready for lunch, the boys just couldn't wait to get into the lake, so they decided to start jumping off the dock. 

All I could think of was, "I sure do hope they don't catch their little piggy toe in between the planks on the deck and pop it off." Who thinks that? Me, because someone told me a story about that happening to a friend of theirs! No worries...we were good to go! NO toes popped off. (And you wonder where Sam gets his worrying attitude?)

After jumping into the water, the cousins put out the Maui Mat for the boys. It's a huge mat and it floats, no matter how many people you put on it (tested up to 18) or how you get onto the mat...such as jumping off the dock.

I noticed the the sodas that Jack and Sam were drinking!

Easy to figure out who was the "sidekick!"

Time to head out on the boat! The boys jumped on the speed boat to try their hand and legs out with skiing. 

Steph and I, on the other hand, jumped onto the pontoon with some beverages and enjoyed tooling around on the lake for a few lazy hours! 

 It was a bit windy, so we were glad we brought our hats!

We would drive by and watch the boys try skiing. This is Jack!

He almost got up a couple of times. 

 Sam was successful this year with his skiing! So proud of him for not giving up!

We are always sorry to see the end of the day arrive.
It was a perfect day for the end of summer!

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