Friday, July 10, 2015

So Proud of Sam...

Sam has been trying out his legs in running and at track meets. He continues to try out different running events as well as a few field events, just trying to find "his race" and his niche in track. On this day, he ran the 100 and the 400. 

Here Sam is heading to his 100 race with a couple of buddies.
 His heat was FAST! The boy in front with the yellow top ran his 100 in 11.4 seconds! Who can run against that?
 Sam did his best and kept up his pace through the entire race.
 It's not easy to do at times when you have such a fast person in your heat. I've been there and it can be a bit discouraging, but he laid it all out there! So proud of him!!

 His next race was the 400 or once around the track. It's a tricky race at this age. Most runners aren't ready to go full out the entire time, but you can't jog it either!

 Sam was a bit nervous before his the race.

Then it was time to race...

 I must say, that Sam again, ran his race and ran very well. He didn't give up.
 In another 400, the runner in last place, stopped and walked the last 5 yards. Another cried the last 100 and still another, jogged the last 100. Not Sam though!
 He ran his best through the end! We were very proud of him!!
 Sometimes days and races do not go as you had planned in your mind, but you still gave YOUR best and didn't give up!
Sam, you should be proud very of yourself and what you accomplished and tried out this track season! Good for you!!

PS: The faces you make when running are just as funny as Jack's!

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