Monday, July 13, 2015

Lesson Learned...

The other day, Jack asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him, better yet, he suggested going to see the movie Inside Out.

My inside reaction:
I need to get ready for vacation!
I have a few projects for work to do!
Sam isn't here and I will have to let him know what is going on!
I have groceries to get!
I have emails to send!
I have Jack's party to plan!

But I said, "Fine. We can go," all while still thinking I have a MILLION and ONE things to do before vacation...I have to work two of the days...we need a cake...I need to pack...

I got ready and we went. 
Still tons of things going through my head.

As the movie started, I relaxed. My mind forgot about all the things that needed to get done and I enjoyed the movie.
When we left I said, "Thanks for suggesting and taking me to the  movie."
I assumed he was going to say, "Thanks for taking me or Thanks for going with me.
Instead he said, "Thanks for spending time with me."


With everything going on in my head and my world...I missed that Jack just wanted and needed to spend a little time with his mom.
Lesson learned. 

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