Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Notebooks for Work and Organizing!

Today I am going to share with you my notebook that I carry with me to work and have easy obtainable on my craft table. The more I use it, the handier it becomes!

For these notebooks, I did not use the Midori Notebooks I mentioned yesterday. The notebooks I used for organinzing, I found at TJMaxx: three for 2.99. I am still in the "exploring" period of this part of my notebooks and wanted to use something inexpensive in case I decided to change it up at a later date. Case in point, you don't have to use a Midori Notebook to list or plan or organize!! I have a collection of fun notebooks that work out wonderfully!

This particular set of notebooks are available in sets of 3. Some of these I will use as is, because I like the covers. Others, I will cover with fun scrapbook papers! 

 I also found these notepads for next to nothing! Perfect for quick "got to do" lists!! :)

This is the planner that goes to work with me and is on my craft table.  I usually have a list made for things I need to do when at "work." I tuck it  under the elastic or in the front cover. This list is actually made from the pencil notebook from above. The cover is my black Midori that I ordered from Amazon.

The notebooks I used inside are from TJMaxx. I cut the notebook to Midori size with a large paper cutter that I have available to me. If you do not have a large paper cutter, no worries. You can still trim your notebook to a different size using a regular paper cutter, but cut a few sheets at a time.

 I covered this notebook with paper that I thought I really liked, which I did at the time. It didn't really turn our how I was hoping, so I may change it up or add some embellishments!  Oh Well.
As you can see, I have tabs for all the things I "think" I need to keep track of. It's nice to have all the work related items together in one spot and not post-it notes all over the place!

 Inside the front cover is where I keep a list of things to do when I am at the store.

Under the "Classes" tab, I have a list of the classes I am currently teaching or am going to teach. When I work on a class, I jot down things I need to take care of before teaching the class.When I am done, it gets a big red check that I cut out of cardstock. So satisfying!!
 I write the monthly  titles that are handed out at Memory Bound. I write my title ideas in my notebook before creating the list on the computer. A check means that it is printed and scanned on the computer at work.

The following notebook (another TJ Maxx) keeps track of all my personal scrapbook supplies. The reason I needed and wanted to do this list was because I have been know to buy some items two times! It's handy to have at work when making a purchase and I am not 100% sure that I do not have the product. It's especially handy  for keeping track of my Washi tape!

This was my first notebook I created and I will probably be doing it over at some point. 

When working on a project, instead of shuffling through my washi tapes, I look in my notebook, which I find much easier!

Check back for how I used my Midori Travelers for memory keeping!

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