Monday, July 20, 2015

Listers Gotta List...

I have a new obsession. Planners and Lists. 

I had come across "listing" before and was a bit intrigued by it all.There is a LArGE community of listers/planners in the YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest community, so started following some of these gals. Then an online class was offered (that I noticed on Instagram), so i took it and since then I am hooked!

I thought I would share a bit about the whole planner, listing and organizing notebooks and how I go about using these items. 
Today I am going to share my listing. 

I must share that I an an obsessive, avid list maker. If I don't write it down, then I won't remember what it is that I am to remember. Once my sister was mad at me and she yells, "Why don't you just....go make a list or something!"
 When I found this listing class, I text my sister, "I am in heaven! Watching YouTube videos on making lists!!" 

To begin, I purchased several blank Midori Notebooks
 on Amazon. They measure 8x4.24ish and come in a large variety of insides (blank, grid, lined) and cover colors. 
I prefer the blank notebook with the Kraft cover, #003.


I also purchased a few Midori Notebook Covers. There are LOADS of options available in covers for your Midori Notebook. 
These are the covers I have at this time. 

Starting on the left...
Foxydori: Red Leather- Extra Wide.
 On Foxydori, you can design your own midori cover. It is an Etsy store. The leather is tough and I am hoping it will soften with use. It is a wider cover and I will share how am using the wider cover in a later post.
Amazon: Black Leather (love)
Leather is soft and perfect!
Studio Calico: Red - pleather
I was a bit disappointed in this cover. i was so excited about the red cover and gray elastics. When you bend it, you can see the lines in the cover. (check out the photo above) I finally just bent it all up, so the cover appears to be more "leather" looking. 
Studio Calico: Brown Leather (love)
Again, leather is soft and wonderful! This one is my favorite so far. 

Now for the listing.
The creator of the "Listers Gotta List" community is Cori, the Reset Girl. It's never to late to reset a part of your life!
This is where I download and print the lists for the month. Check our her web-site by clicking here.  You will find the lists to download and a link to her YouTube videos.  They are a must watch!!

After printing off the list ideas, I had to decorate my Midori!! I think The Rest Girl needs to come to Memory Bound! She would loooove it! All planner girls love scrapbook supplies for the decorating and listing needs. Aren't I a lucky gal to work there!

Back to Business:
I decorated my Midori's cover with favorite scrapbook paper that I fell in love with, but wasn't sure how I was going to use it in a scrapbook! This was the perfect use for this paper.

I love die cut words and bits and pieces. I finally found an awesome use for those, too! These dies are all from Simple Stories planner pieces and a Doodlebug heart sticker!

I covered the back with another favorite paper and reinforced the spine with washi. With planning and listing, washi is your fiend! And I have plenty of washi to use!!

This is the inside front cover. I use one Midori notebook for June and July lists. The 4x6 is a Amy Tangerine Project Life card, WeR washi tape, Doodlebug sticker letters and I cut the heart from my cameo. Actually USING WHAT I HAVE!! That is a first!!
 As I said, the lists are all on the Reset Girls website. I actually printed off the April, May and June lists and have pulled ideas from all three months. You can stick to one month, for example June, and do the lists in order. there are YouTube videos of gals putting their Listing notebooks together for the entire month. I pick and choose...imagine that!

These first two lists I created cover reasons I love to list and my favorite things about summer. Lists can be long or they can be one word. It's yours...make it how you want!!

List 3: Favorite Books
List 4: It's the Little Things in Life
This day isn't actually a list, but a little story about Jack. 

 I also skip around with my lists! Notice I have 12 done, put nothing for 11. I loved the journal card and knew I wanted to use it for a list, so I adhered it to a i wouldn't misplace it!!
 List 7:Favorite Movies of all Time
List 8: Here I just made the list and will go back to "embellish" at a later time.

List 9: My Addictions (very simple!)
List 10: My Phobias (NOT to be used against me!)
I LOVE those little emoji stickers!!

 Here are two lists that have NOTHING!! I will go back at a later time and make them into pages.

 Since I am using the same book for two months, I made a July title page.
 I have one list completely finished for July.
One evening, the boys were up in my craft room and noticed my list book. They actually took it with them, laid on the couch and read my lists. I heard them laugh and every so often they would yell, "MOM!! We didn't know (this) about you." That has actually made me more exctied about listing. Leaving a story of myself that the boys will always have. 

I have failed miserable (as you now) at Project Life and with keeping up with my scrapbooks. This "Listing" I can do. I can make a list anywhere at any time. I can decorate my pages while watching reality TV or YouTube videos about planning and listing ideas! Hope this may inpsire you to make a list...or two!

Check back tomorrow and I am going to share with you how I am organize my scrapbook supplies with a journal and how I use one for work and classes.

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