Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crab Playing...

Sometime I need to share with you how Jack (or we) came to be the proud owners of three Hermit Crabs!

Let me introduce our pets:
Marge is in the pink shell trying to climb a tree.

This is Batman. He is huge and scary.

This is Superman. He loves to walk around and climb and isn't scary.
 Anyway, the boys love to play with their crabs. Have you ever wondered how you play with crabs?  (this just doesn't sound right.)

Well, if both boys want to play, they make a circle with their arms and let the crabs walk around in the center. If the crab tries to escape through an arm pit, the boys must readjust their arms. They also assign a crab to watch while playing.
The "theroy" is this helps the owners become use to the crabs feel, their antennas and claws, against your skin. It is to lessen your concern with getting pinched.

Though, I would suggest not doing this on hard wood floors in case you were putting a crab back in the cage and you thought it pinched you and you instinctively let go of the crab and dropped it on the wood floor.  Not a soft landing for a hard shell crab. I would suggest this "get to know you" activity on a rug or carpet. Just in case that situation may arise.

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