Monday, June 15, 2015

A Track Meet...

The boys have been trying out their feet in track this spring. Actually, Sam has been doing quite a bit of running and Jack went last week for a couple of times. Sam has experienced a track meet, but this was Jack's first meet.  They both had success in their races! I apologize for the terrible quality of my pictures. I took them with my iphone and learned that I will definitely need my "good" camera for the next track meet!!

Sam started out the day running the 400. He got a personal best in his time! Yea, Sam!!
Sam finished fifth overall in the 400.

Up next, was Jack running the 100 yard dash. This is Jack first time running in a competitive race...EVER! He did really well and finished second overall!!
 He is looking back to see how he did. Look in the you see Sam (in the purple shirt) clapping for Jack!! Love that!!

 Look at his face! He was sooo excited, but trying to keep it "calm."

Jack then ran the 200. He got first in his heat and finished fifth overall!

Sam also ran the 200 and finished fourth overall!

Jason and I enjoy track and so we had a blast watching the boys today and I think the boys enjoyed themselves, too!
 Oh Jack's chest actually puffed out?

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