Wednesday, May 13, 2015


So, the "easy" part of yesterday's Day in the Life  is completed. All I needed to do was to take pictures of the day, all day. Unfortunately though, I forgot to take some photos, so I may take a few "fillers" today. 

For pictures, I used my camera on my phone and my DSLR camera, too. I am going to share the first half of the day today and tomorrow I will share the second half of the day. Not the done project (silly people), only the pictures!  I have more photos on my DSLR camera, but right now I am way too lazy to go get it on the kitchen counter!!  


 First thing in the morning = coffee.

I head upstairs and get Jack going. He was not a morning person yesterday!!

This is a photo of our schedule for the week. Jack's is on the left in green. Sam's schedule is on the right in blue.  The red is for Jason and I or special occasions!
Jack heads off to school at 7:35. I don' t have a picture of this from yesterday, so I am going to get one today. It's ok to bend the rules a bit.

Sam gets up around 7:45. I try to make him breakfast, but lately he has been getting his own due to not really knowing what he wants until he opens the cupboard or freezer.

I was getting the boys ready as well as myself. My curling iron broke today. So, no curling the hair, which means putting it up. It's sooo short right now I need some bobby pins to help aid my  up-do.

Had to go find bobby pins laying around the house. Why do I lose all my bobby pins??? (Nasty counter tops!! Ew.)

Off to take Sam to school. This is the drop off line. Objects in front of me are closer then they appear!! I am not behind due to taking pictures!! 

Have a good day, Sam!

Right now I  am enjoy the new Mumford and Sons CD. I take my coffee with me where ever I go in the morning. 
Darn it's almost gone. 

Jack drew this little picture of himself on a lid that was in the car. He told me to look at it and think of him if I get lonely. Ahhhhh.

 A picture of my flowers. The daisies are out of control!! You can't even see the geraniums that are in the garden! I will be pulling daisies (which I love) soon so other things can grown!!

Breakfast - Dannon yogurt!  EVERY morning, I rip off the lid and the side stays drives me crazy!!!

I get a text at 8:55 from Sam. He forgot his chrome book (his school computer) and could I drop it off for him. I have a picture of the text, but it has the phone number on it and I need to edit it off. I will include the picture in my book though. 

 I am off at 9:00 am to work because I have a class to teach today. Jason is working from home and was on a call when I left. Oh yes, must make a stop at school to drop off a Chrome book to a certain middle school boy.

I forgot to take a picture of my class. Shucks!! From 9:15-9:45am I set up for my class. I then chatted with the wonderful ladies that were taking the class. One gal created her own binder that kept track of all her scrapbooking things and was sharing it with us. What a great idea!! I really enjoyed looking through it and it inspired me to create (someday) something similar.

The gal also shared with us how she stores her magnetic dies. She uses a small binder and plastic refill pages. She purchases magnetic register covers from Menard's and cuts them to the size of the refill pages! Genius!!!

I then taught class from 10-12:00. 

Phew! And it's only lunch time and so much more to get done today!! Stop by tomorrow to see part 2!
(So exciting!!)

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