Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of School!

Holy Cow!
The boys are officially on summer vacation today. So, yesterday, I had to take those last day of school photos, becasue I love (and hate) to see how much they have grown through the school year!
((Side note: I am lucky to have this post done. As you can see, I was putting the pictures side-by-side and suddenly this darn Blogger program decided not to let me put them side-by-side anymore! I tried EVERYTHING, except tossing my computer out the window. It was close. I opend the window. It would have been so satisfying. But I just gave in, instead.))
Anyway...Sam is finished with seventh grade. He has grow so much and is starting to look like a young man.  (sniff sniff) Sam is off to his second Middle School experience. (In our school district we have a 6th-7th Middle School and a 8th-9th Middle School.) He is excited and ready to go! This year he was on lead council, which is a group of students that plan all the "extras" of the school year, such as can drives, socials and Christmas big gives. He loved doing it all! He also made a tight group of 4 other friends, who are now know as the Molestead 5. They created a lip-sync bit and performed it at the talent show. He's ready to "hang" this summer with his buddies!


Jack just finished third grade. He, too, has grown so much in so many ways. I love how he has his favorite baseball tees on in each photo! Jack had an amazing year made several new friends and absolutely loved his teacher! We owe so much to her for taking our shy, not sure, content to observe instead of participating little guy and making him fly this year!
(His last day is on the left and his first day is on the right)

I couldn't believe how much Sam had grown, until I saw these pictures of him and Jason! We had to measure him and he came in at 5'9". He loves to remind me that he is taller than me and is about to catch up with Jason! Jeepers!


( Here's where my Blogger decided to say no go to my side-by-side pictures)
Here you can see that Sam IS actually taller than me and Jack is at my shoulder. It's not like I am 4' tall!! I am 5'7" which people tell me is "tall" for a girl.


It was a bit of a new experience this year on the last day. I didn't pick up either of the boys from school and go get ice-cream. Instead, they both went with friends. Jack went with a group of boys for ice-cream, to a park and then over to one of the friends.

 Sam headed to a local store to get some food and then to park to hang out. I had the "talk" with how we have hundreds of eyes around town watching him, so make sure he was on his up and up behavior! He says, "I know." I just reminded him that happens when you know a lot of people in town!!

 So, what will we do this summer?
Jack has swim lessons (beginning next week...thank goodness the pool is heated), a cartooning class, a robotic lego class and an ISU engineering class!  Sam has two track camps, a Lacrosse camp and guitar lessons. Such different boys!! We are planning a trip to Colorado, but other than that, I think the boys will be hanging with their friends...and that is what summer is all about!

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