Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I am addicted to Instagram.
 I love looking at it every day. I follow scrapbookers, crafters, photographers, quoters and planners. Yes, I follow famous people too, but honestly, I don't find them very exciting.
 I know, I am weird.

 Here are a few of my screen shots in the last couple of months. I take the shots because at that time, the quote spoke to me in some manner, which I will explain if needed.

 Usually I would edit the pictures to show the post only, but today...you get the entire screen shot.


 I came across this quote the afternoon that my parents found out a close friend of theirs had passed away.

 I have this weird thing I do...smell books. I have done it all my life. If a book is stinky, I won't buy it or read it. 
My dad thinks it is weird.

 I read this the week I decided I needed to begin to exercise.

 One day, I told people at work that I do my best thinking in the shower.  Guess I'm not the only one!

 I love this one...

 This one makes me giggle!

Sometimes the courage and journey just to cross the starting line can be the hardest part.


 I have days that I wish this were true...

 I showed this to Jason and he laughed. It is SO true of me! I will never get up early to do anything, let alone run! HA!

This has happened to me and now I am purging...again.

 At times I need to remind myself of this and it usually true!

I saw one that I didn't' screen shot about how you should give a person a high five every morning, because getting out of bed may be the "biggest" thing they do that day.  Everyone has a day, or tow like that!

Happy Instagramming and screen shooting!!

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