Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zombies Coming Soon!

The boys and I were at the mall and noticed that one of mine and Jason's favorite hamburger joints is going to open in the food court. I say mine and Jason's favorite place, because the boys WILL NOT have anything to do with Zombie Burger!

"Let's get a picture with the set up," suggested Jack.
Where the restaurant will be located is boarded up with wood planks, green paint splatters all over, Zombies Reported newspaper articles nailed up...it is great!!

If you didn't know this already, Sam is terrified of Zombies. What snakes do to me, is what zombies do to Sam.  He calls it his phobia! The only difference between our phobias is that mine is real and I can come across them in the yard.  Sam's phobia is not real, meaning, he is not going to come across them in the yard. 

Jack was insistent that Sam HAD to take photo,too.  So Sam put on his brave face (though you cannot see it) and we got a shot!

I asked him how he is every going to walk pass this place when it is open?  He told me matter of factly, "Look the other way and run past."  Just like I do when I come across snakes!!
 It's a good plan.

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