Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Little Lacrosse...

We have a new sport in our family this spring! Sam is playing Lacrosse and loving it!! He has had a few games and I am still learning the rules, but I must say, I am LOVING watching Sam play this new sport!!

Look! Look! 
The famous head tilt happens even in Lacrosse!!

Here Sam caught the ball and is now getting ready to "dribble" with it in his net. This involves rolling the stick back and forth very quickly while you run!

He is actually dribbling and moving here!

 He stop..He passes!

Here, Sam is getting prepared to run into the face off.

See the boys in the lower right corner? They are facing off. The same as a jump ball in basketball. Each player is trying to get the ball in their stick and head to the goal. Almost anything goes to get the ball, except for high sticking and slashing with your stick.

Every once in awhile, I will catch the one shot of Sam looking for me in the stands! It's one of my favorite pictures to catch him looking for me in the crowd!

Even though the look on his face may tell a different story, I no longer wave like a lunatic and yell, "SAM!!! SAM!!! Over her kiddo!!!" Nope. Not anymore. Now I just laugh really loud so he knows his number one fan is there!  But, unfortunately, he has talked to me about that, too.

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