Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Family Game Night!

The boys love to play games and Jack got a new one called Telestrations. It is sooo much fun to play and I would highly recommend it for your family! 
Each player gets a dry-erase sketch pad. A word is picked from a card by the roll of a die. Everyone draws a picture of their word then passes their sketch pad to the next person. That person looks at the picture that was drawn  and writes a guess of the word/phrase in the pictue. Pass again. That person then draws what the previous person wrote down. The last person guesses the word one final time. Work a bit like this illustration...
 We loved playing and got loads of laughs especially at this one from Jack.  This is the final sketch that came to Jack.
 The original word was "window pane." Easy enough.

Jack looked closely and wrote down his guess after much thought: Stalker.
I laughed so hard!! 
We soon discovered that adding "details" to drawings wasn't always helpful.

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