Monday, January 26, 2015

Bad Blogging Slump!

Have you ever been in a slump and felt like a slug?
You have the best intentions to do things and go do things, but they just don't get matter how many lists you have created?
I have been in one of those for January.
Several things have suffered...including my blog.
It's just one of those things that happens every once in a while...just no mojo or motivation.
So, what do you do?

Well, I have "rethought" my blog, while enjoying valentine candy and watching Netflix from my couch. I know...I have said I would "change" my blog before. But my goal will be to blog at least three times a week with weekends off. I try to do every day and sometimes life gets in the way...or a reality TV show I may be marathon watching. Then I get all stressed out and don't do any posting what so ever. So three new posts a week, more if life allows, will be my goal.

 The blog will still be about all the things that go on with the family, but I think it's time to include some other things, too.
Like what, you ask.
I'm still thinking that one through. 

I do know though, 
Some post will be stories, some will be a few sentences and some will be wordless. This is because that is what I want to do and how I am envisioning my blog. Some weeks will cover more stories about Jack. (you do waaayyyy too many stories about Jack. What about Sam?) Some weeks will cover more about Sam.(you do waaayyyy too many stories about Sam. What about JAck?) Some will be about Moose. Some will be about scrapbooking (even though people have told me that they shut off my blog if it has scrapbooking on it) But that is part of my life, our life and that is what I want to share on my blog. 

Life goes pretty well at our house, but don't get me wrong, there are times and days when it is plain down rough and I want to pull my hair out! Our house if not "facebook" happy 24/7. The boys are growing up and want more independence and that is becoming a learning experience! Maybe I need to share those adventures to, though, my mom warns you really want to put that out there? 

Well, I am not going to share my deepest darkest secrets (even if I had any!) I have read others blogs and have come across events that I can relate to, I found myself thinking..I am not the only one. Phew!

So, with that said, I will try to blog more often and be a better blogger! Hope I haven't lost too many readers through my absence! And hope you enjoy the new and improved, but basically the same blog!


Janet said...

Right there with you! I totally believe your blog should be what you want it to be, authentic good, bad, or ugly! I'm a devoted reader no matter what you post!

Katie... said...

Janet, thanks for being a devoted reader no matter what I share!! :)