Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The First Purge...

I started my scrapbooking diet. No diet is easy, this one included. 
I started with a "small" area. My punches. I have die cuts and a silhouette cameo, so in all reality, I don't need a lot of punches.
I bought this white shelf from IKEA for the sole purpose of holding my punches. My word. Who needs 6 drawers full of punches?

I am glad to say, that I don't have 6 shelves of punches, but I do have three. Time to "shop."

Isn't it interesting, that I keep this Tab punch by WeR in a little box right on my desk. THE ONLY ONE that I keep right near me. Obviously it's a keeper.

 But what about all of these??
I had actually organized my three drawers of punches by love them, okay punches, don't know if I like these punches. That was telling me something!

 Right away, I could get rid of these. Donated!

I wasn't sure about this one, then realized I make banners by cutting rectangles and notching them myself. This one could go.

These were ones that I needed to think about a little more. The hiccup is that I do use a lot of these for classes, but not for personal use. I know that this will be a struggle with some of my supplies.

 So here is the end sort.
These are the punches I kept and they all fit in the top drawer. I will eventually label the drawers, but will wait at this time in case I rearrange some of the drawers.
These are the ones that I kept, too, but in the second drawer. I would have gotten rid of them if I didn't use them for classes.

First purge. It was ok. I must say that it did feel good to get rid of some of that extra weight!!  But I can't "think" this hard about every item. It will take me years to purge if I do that! Need to follow my gut and just get rid of it!!!
Wish me further luck!!



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Janet said...

Great job on the purge! I will say that I have far fewer supplies than most ppl I know and really like it that way. Too much stuff is overwhelming to me! And I still need to get rid of more stuff!