Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Football Season...

Football season has officially started for both boys. I just love watching them play and socializing with all our football friends!

Sam has always been number 50 or 55. So, when Sam got his football jersey on Sunday for this year, he was super excited to put on number 55!  He started his football "career" with a red 55 jersey and how cool to have the same color and number for his last football days!
(Sam in third grade!)

Well,  I learned today that "55" is a lineman number. The refs know that a 50-some number, represents a boy that is only on the line and can't run the ball. Remember, Sam was below weight and he can now run the ball...which also means, he can't be number 55. I secretly thought, just keep that jersey on...maybe they will forget you can't run the ball!! Well, no such luck, they made him switch his jersey number 85. 

Hey!! Back off my boy!!!

 He still puts that right hand in his mouth!!

Sam is finishing his football years with junior football (next year he will play school ball) and Jack is just starting!
 Yep, that's little Jack! All padded up for a little flag football.

Jack is loving football..especially going after people.
Oh dear.

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