Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Well Deserved Treat!

Sam has been craving a Pita Pit sandwich and we have just not gotten over there for him to enjoy one.! He finally got his Pita Pit last night and it was well deserved after his day in Science class!!

This weekend, Sam was working on a paper for school. It asked him "What is your most embarrassing school moment." He looked at me and said, "I don't have anything to tell." 

Well, after yesterday, he does have a most embarrassing moment!

Sam has a really cool Science teacher. She has all sorts of insects in her classroom and actually lets butterflies fly around the room after coming out of their cocoon. She will then open the window and let them fly away. Sam LOVES this!

Well, yesterday, his Science teacher thought one of the butterflies, a large beautiful bright orange monarch, wasn't doing so well, so she had the class gather around her at the back of the room to let the butterfly go.  It flew out and around and then landed...right on Sam's white shorts. But not in a place where you would want an entire 7th grade Science class looking at! He said, "Mom..I could just feel my face turn red!"  He started to carefully shake his shorts in an effort to get the butterfly off his shorts, but it would not move!  He went to grab the wings to pull it off, but in it's delicate state, the teacher panicked and said, "Don't do that! It doesn't feel good and you may hurt it more!"

So, Sam continued to stand there!

He then went on to share that there is a girl in his classroom that broke her leg and wasn't able to get to the back of the room to watch the release of the butterfly,  so the teacher asked Sam (I can't believe this!) "Sam, would you be willing to turn around and show (the girl) the butterfly."

Sam was aghast!! What?? Turn around and walk up to the girl with a butterfly on your crotch??

He looked at me, laughing while telling this part and said, "So, I turned around and showed her my butterfly!" He said when he turned around, the girls eyes about popped out of her head!

Five minutes later, this butterfly STILL hasn't moved! So, the teacher who doesn't know how to get this butterfly to fly away, tell Sam, "Sam, why don't you stand in the back corner and you can listen  to the lesson from there." So, Sam heads to the back corner, stands and continues to wait for this butterfly to decide to take flight! Sam shared that he stood back there, people would look back at him, he would smile and continue to tap his fingers on the counter. 

After about 10 more minutes and much to Sam's relief, the butterfly takes off! Sam was so relieved!  

Bless Sam's big heart..he told me, "It was cool to get an up close look at the butterfly. They have a lot of white spots on them that I didn't' realize they had!  I think it was happy on my shorts because of the material." 
"Oh, Sam" was all I could say.

I also told him, that unfortunately, with our family's luck, this won't be the last time you have an embarrassing moment at school! And how important it is for you to be able to laugh at yourself and this is just one of those stories you will be able to tell for a loooong time!

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Janet said...

Hilarious! What a great story! We had a butterfly house when Bailey was little and raised many butterflies. We also had a ladybug house. Super interesting and fun!