Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School is in Session...

The new school year is in full swing and I am happy to say that both boys are good to go. I always hold my breath hoping that it will be good and then relax when I get the "It's all good." from the boys.

Sam started 7th grade this year. These pictures took my breath away! The one on the right is Sammy at his locker last year. The picture on the left is this year. Check out how much he has grown. UGH!!

We headed to school to pick up his schedule and books and it was a very different experience then last year! This year is was all about seeing his friends while Jack and I "hung back." I knew this day was and would coming and it is bitter sweet when it arrives. I want Sam to be comfortable, happy, out going and secure at school, but I still want him to "need me." He shows "that side" when at home and I am ok with that. I was once a middle schooler myself!
 Look how much Jack has grown, too! Jack started third grade this year. I have a special place in my heart for third grade (after teaching it for 10 years!) I know he will have an amazing year, because he has my colleague I taught with for those 10 years and she is an amazing teacher and person.
 Jack had very few "the night before school" jitters.  He was excited, but not worried! At one time, Jack was bullied in first grade. He actually shared about this experience on a "get to know you" sheet that his teacher had him fill out for her eyes only. He told her he was very sensitive of how others treated and looked at him after that experience. I know that experience changed Jack, a lot. The spark went out of his eyes and his free spirit wasn't so free anymore. I have actually seen a little spark in his eye again. It makes me happy. I know that he feels safe in this classroom, which means that he can be himself...once again.

 When Jack got in the car after school he said, "That was fun!" 
When we picked up Sam after school, he jumped int eh car and announced,  "I had a great day!"

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