Monday, August 18, 2014

End of Summer Fun...

The boys have always wanted to head out of town (20 minutes) and go to another local water park. So to celebrate the last day of summer, we did just was a fun day, (but would have been more fun with friends!)
First stop, this water slide.

It was fast and as you can see, it shot the boys out!

The pool also had a "high" dive platform.
Perfect for splashy cannonballs by Jack.

And of course Jason had to try his skills out with a cannonball that got a collective "gasp" from the crowd. Jason's cannonballs make loud noises, so it sounds like a major flop! I even heard one "spectator" say, "Did he mean to do that?"
Sam flew right off and into the water!
No worries, he made the dive and didn't end up in a belly flop.
 That is it for pictures. I sat in on a chair, under the umbrella reading my book. 
Perfect way to end the summer!

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