Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Concert!

Sam and Jason had a guys night out last week. Not to a movie or dinner, but to the Def Leppard and Kiss concert!

 Sam got a new tee and was ready to rock 'n roll all night!
He absolutely loved it! He thought Def Leppard sounded great and Kiss put on an amazing show! He was a bit tired in the morning, but he talked about the concert and showed me pictures all the way to school.
There were people that couldn't believe we were allowing Sam to miss football practice (we have a tournament coming up) AND especially taking him on a school night!

Has anyone ever asked you what your first concert was? I bet you can tell them, because it is something you always remember. (Mine was Heart with my high school friend Lynn.) So, years from now, when Sam is asked, what was YOUR first concert? Sam, for the rest of his life, will say, " Def Leppard and Kiss...and my dad took me."
 I think that is pretty cool.

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