Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Little "Help" from Jack...

Hey, Jack. Can you help me out?

I was working on a post for the store about the Silhouette Cameo and it went wrong. The Cameo is a cutting machine that works with your computer. (I LOVE MINE!) To run the paper through the machine, you place it on a sticky cutting mat. 

 It is so sticky, that if you don't "unsticky" it, your paper will tear when removing from the mat. 

To make the mat less sticky, all you need to do is pat your hands all over it. The oils from your skin and hands help make the mat less sticky and easier to work with. 

Jack is doing this point...and then it goes wrong. Or should I say, I turned my back on the little imaginative guy.
"If I put it on my face, that will help too! I have oils on my face! What does my face look like with the mat on it? Can you take a picture?"

"Jack, you realize that you will need to pull that gigantic sticker off your face!"

 Yep. That's what I thought. 
Not fun.

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