Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We recently got a new lawn mower. It has cut (haha..get it) our mowing time in half! It is fast and has a true zero turn radius. I have been doing the mowing lately, but I am not sure Jason will allow that to continue after I got stuck.
I thought I would go to the top of the lane and mow around the mailboxes. My mower is fast and I have extra time!
 I flew between the street sign and the mailboxes, slid, panicked and I was stuck! 
No..I have zero turn radius! I tried to go forward. No go. I tried to go backward. No go. I even tried to push the mower by hand. Yea...that really didn't work!
As you can see,  My front wheel became stuck right against the mailbox..there is actually a little indent where my wheel is up against the post.

My back end? Well, that wheel was stuck right up against the post of the street sign. There was no moving back or moving forward. What's a girl to do? She hung her head and asked her neighbor if he could help her out. He actually had to get his old tractor and a chain. He hooked the chain on the mower and pulled verrrryyyy sllllooooowwwwly and I became unstuck! Yea!!  I jumped back on my fast mower and headed down the lane...never to be heard from again!  Except to tell my neighbor that I will mow his lawn for getting me unstuck.  He didn't hesitate with his reply, " don't need to do that!" I wonder why he said that? Doesn't he know I have a fast mower?

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Janet said...

Oh, my gosh! This is something I would do...