Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Have a Hangover!!

I just finished an incredible book and I have a hangover...not a beer hangover, but a book hangover.
What book did this to me? Eleanor and Park.
First, I guess I should tell you what this amazing, heartfelt, funny and sad book is about.  First love. The first love that makes you giddy all over and so extremely worried at the same time. I don't want to give away too much, but this book would definitely be on my top ten list.
From Amazon:
Set in 1986, Eleanor & Park is funny and sad, sarcastic and sincere, and above all geeky. The title characters are both 16-year-old misfits in their working-class Omaha neighborhood. Park is half-Korean in a mostly-white part of town, and is into alternative music and comic books, unlike his brother and dad who are into sports. Eleanor is big (she thinks of herself as fat) and awkward and poor, the oldest of five kids with a painfully difficult home life, and defiantly flaunts her crazy red hair and weird clothes.

They find themselves sitting together on the school bus every day. Over time they're reluctantly drawn together by sharing Park's X-Men and Watchmen comic books. Eventually, they become each other's everything.
The next book I read was Until You Are Mine.
From Amazon:
Claudia Morgan-Brown finally has it all. Pregnant with a much-wanted first baby of her own, she has a happily established family of two small step-sons and a loving husband with a great career. But she is also committed to her full-time job as a social worker, and her husband travels often. So when Claudia hires Zoe to help her around the house in anticipation of the baby’s arrival, it seems like the answer to her prayers. But despite Zoe's glowing recommendations and instant rapport with the children, there's something about her that Claudia cannot trust.

Moreover, there has been a series of violent attacks on pregnant women in the area, and Claudia becomes acutely aware of her vulnerability. With her husband out of town for work and her family far away, who will be there to protect her? And why does she feel unsettled about Zoe? Realizing appearances can be deceiving even in her seemingly perfect world, Claudia digs deeper into Zoe’s blurry past and begins to wonder – how far would someone go to have a child of her own?
I must tell you, it is a thriller and based on a person killing pregnant women which is gruesome and stomach turning, but it you can hang in there through those pages, you are in for a ride. There are times where I thought, "I really don't know what is going on." But I promise, it will all come together in the end. The last 50 pages BLEW MY MIND!! You will be asking yourself, "What just happened?"  This book, too, left me with a bit of a book hangover and has stuck with me the last couple of days! Great read!

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