Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sippy Glasses...

On my "unexpected break" from blogging, I found myself thinking about my blog and how I want it to continue. The reason I do my blog is so the boys will have "little" stories and snippets of their childhood. So, don't worry (if you were!) I am still going to blog.  I find myself feeling as if I have to put up LOADS of pictures, when one or two can tell a story (like today.) So, at times, posts may be short...but super sweet.

I will continue to share my "new" blog ideas as I post...beware!!

Santa gave the boys sippy glasses. Jack used them to drink water, but he couldn't see what was happening, so he switched to chocolate milk.  All I could think was, "How is he going to get that milk out. Those things are going to mold!"

The reason I was having those thoughts, was because of a doll that I had when I was Jack's age. It was one of the first "Feed Me and Watch Me Pee" dolls. Basically, you gave the doll water and it shot directly know what I mean.  Well, I didn't like that my doll was digesting so quickly, so I thought I should give her something with a bit more substance...pudding would be good.  Fed her some vanilla pudding, gave her a drink of water...ew. NOt pretty of fun to clean up.

 Fast forward a few weeks..months. My mom made a statement when walking into my room (she did this fairly the time I kept a real bird's nest in my dresser drawer and things died in the nest...oops) "Katie, what is that smell?"  We did a little investigation and found out that the inside of my doll was rotten and moldy. guess that drink of water didn't flush out all the pudding!  End of doll.

So, in the end, Jack did a very thorough wash, which we could watch, of his sippy glasses. Now I look at them and think, "How's that water ever going to dry inside those glasses?"

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