Monday, January 6, 2014


That was an unexpected little break...but I am back! And lucky you guys, I have loads to share with you!!

Thought I would begin with our latest trip to Minneapolis. The entire family (all four of us!) headed up to attend the last game at the Mall of America Field Dome!

The dome will be coming down and a new, improved and exciting dome will be built in the same place. The new dome will be ready to be played in September 2016.

Where will the games be played while the dome is being rebuilt? OUTSIDE at the University of Minnesota's football field. So, you know what that means? I go to the Mall of America while the boys (or Jason) go to the game.

Once inside we pealed off our numerous layers due to it being -20 in Minneapolis. I sure know how to pick what games I want to attend! The boys needed to do a little reading on the upcoming game. I think Sam was checking out the cheerleader page!  Jeeez!

NO WAY...a picture of me!!!

I love this picture! We are prepping for a family photo!!


To entertain himself, Jack took over the picture taking for a bit!

He was determined to get a picture of the turf! Success!