Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Beginning of My Space!

As I mentioned, last weekend IT WAS TIME! The house is about a week, week and a half from being completed. BUT, my "studio" as the workers refer to it as, (how glamorous!) was ready to move into. I got the go ahead from our contractor and I didn't hesitate!

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have been "promised" (I use that word lightly) a scrap space since we moved into out old house...Sam was 2. It really never seemed to work in the plans until now and it was well worth the wait...I can say that now.

My previous space, for the last 4 years in this house, has been in the basement. It worked, but it's not a very creative space by the dehumidifier, treadmill and washer and dryer. sunshine!

So, when we planned out room I was just giddy! It's everything I have ever wanted...and more!

The first thing to move on Saturday, was my scrap table. I purchased this table from IKEA about seven years ago and it still works perfectly.
This is my table that I had in the basement. We made a trip t IKEA a couple of weeks ago to buy an additional piece for the existing desk. When I got home, guess what...I bought the wrong piece!!UGH!! The piece I was suppose to buy, would actual mirror what you see in this picture. I bought the exact same piece!  No mirroring going to happen with the exact same piece!!
 So as I sat here on Saturday, with my Starbuck's coffee, I suddenly had a thought..what if we would use the "wrong" piece I purchased and make the table one large square?!?! After some discussion, we decided to try it out.

Jason, what a guy through all this table work, and Sam got busy putting the table together.

Jack even got in on the act!  The boys were awesome helpers! Sam even said at one point, "I could put legs together all day...if I have directions!"

Moose looked out the windows. They are just at the right level for her to check out everything going on in the big wide world and the dumpster.

Just a few adjustments and the table was good to go. The piece that was actually the wrong piece worked out like a dream! Even better than my original plan!

I spent the rest of the day moving things from the basement up to my new space. I did tons of steps, so I even got an all day "work out" in...with a few stops for lunch...snack...
Moose and I both had new spaces and we are enjoying them immensely!

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Janet said...

Love love love the table!!!