Friday, August 2, 2013

Too Much Minecraft...

The boys LOVE the computer game, Minecraft. Basically, it is what Oregon Trail was for my generation. You build with blocks (very Lego looking) and have to keep your person (Steve) alive.  In order to keep him alive, you must build houses, forts and get enough food to eat. While doing all this, you must also fight creepers that come out at night.I t's basically a survival game.
This is Steve from Minecraft. Jack would place this game ALL DAY if I would let him. He loves the building part.  One day, I came upstairs and he was using my phone to look up codes while playing on the computer.  He now has much tighter guidelines on his computer playing!! One day, I overheard Sam tell Jack, "If you keep playing Minecraft, your head is going to become square!!!"

And, oh my goodness! It happened!
Sam now has a square Steve head!

As well as Jack!
Guess they should have BOTH listened to Sam's very wise advice!

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