Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The creepy hats the elves wore at the mall!
"Jackie, show us how the piggies eat!"
Can you see the pink bib that Jack has on?
"Randy, show us how the piggies eat!"

Yum! A successful Christmas turkey! 

I work hard over the hot stove cooking, while Jason reads the paper.

The backdoor to the house where Ralphie shoots his eye out!

A great family photo! I am wearing the scarf that Randy wore with his snowsuit, Jack has one of Ralphie's friends hat and is holding the Red Ryder BB gun!  Jason has the package that the Red Ryder came in, while Sam has on another friend's hat and the bowling ball that Ralph's dad got for Christmas!
What a fun adventure that afternoon!
Happy early Christmas to you and your family!

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