Monday, July 22, 2013

A Junk Tour...

As you all know, I love to go junking. I haven't done a lot of junking lately, because I need to use what I have and I just haven't had the time to get out there and do some digging around!  Though, I do have my eye on some great junkin' events coming up this fall!
Anyway..I thought I would take you on a tour of my backyard to see how I have used some of my junk purchases!

This is my absolute favorite junk piece! I have been looking for an old tub or some that I could afford! Last fall I did find one and was super excited to use it this summer! For the fall I put greenery in it, but I really bought it to use for holding drinks!!

It was perfect for a drink holder when having friends over for a BBQ last weekend!

I saw this at a junk show...old cheese graters as lights. There are candles underneath the cheese graters and look great in the dark.  Just don't touch the handles when the candles are lite...HOT HOT HOT!! I usually have three graters, but needed a bug candle this evening!

I LOVE having loads of candles and tiki torches lit around the yard in the evening. This little bug candle sits on an old chair...well, it's now a stool, it use to be chair.

Another candle! This set up is right out our sliding glass doors. I love the old vintage chair!  It's held up very well for a few years. The tin in an old Morell five gallon bucket. I would never put anything in it, but perfect for a little table! I have another one in my front garden bed to add color. The buckets were five bucks a piece! 

These planters were FREE as was the bench!! The previous owners had left the planters on the edge of the woods. They were turned upside down and had sunk into the dirt a good six inches. All you could see was the legs of the planter sticking out. We spotted one right away, but it was awhile later we found a second one.  It took two people to get them out because they are HEAVY!! When I move them, I actually have to roll them on their sides!! They haven't moved for some time!!

The previous owners left the bench behind because it would not work at their new house. Lucky us!! it is one of my favorite patio pieces!! This is like a little shrine to our friends Lee and Nancy!!

My mom found this "yard art" or plant holder for ten dollars! I love this one!! It can hold large flower pots and my Clematis LOVES to grow up on extra bonus!  That Clematis was a bonus from the previous owners! When we landscaped, we thought for sure that the Clematis would be killed, but when I put out the planter, the Clematis grew up there and bloomed! 

A different angle of my 10 dollar yard art.

I found this old wire chair for 5 dollars!  The bird bath was another item the previous owners had left behind in the woods. It took three people to get that baby out!! When we pulled it out, it landed where you see it now and I have been informed, it is NOT moving...ever!  I usually put a big fern in the bird bath, but not this year.

With our addition, that means a junkin' trip or two will be in my future!! Yea!!


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