Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moose!!!

What does my craft table have to do with Moose?

 I have been spending a lot of time at my table, getting ready for January and February classes at Memory Bound. My "crafting" area is in the basement, so when I head down there, so does Moose. (as you can see my table is in a serious need of a straightening.)  It's been a bit chilly in the basement, so I turn on my portable heater, which sits under the table. 

Another thing that sits under the table...Moose! She takes a nap under my table near the heater!!

She peeks out every so often to see if it is time for a treat.

Moose has also been busy "hunting" in the woods!
WARNING: next picture is NASTY!!!


This is the latest thing that Moose brought me...instead of a body, just the head.  She laid it right by the sliding glass door and was so proud!  I REALLY think she brings them to me because every time she brings me something, she gets a treat.  I give her a treat so she will drop the carcass and I don't want her to have carcass breath! I am also a bit concerned with what is in the woods that can take off a rabbit's head so cleanly!

The VERY next day, after bringing me the rabbit head,  Moose comes in with the top of her nose bloody! UGH!! I really don't know what she did to get this one! The top of her nose is scraped...kind of like a knee scrape...I am guessing she must have gone after a critter that went under something and she thought she could reach it and her nose got scraped up. Sam looked at it and said, "Oh wow. That gives me the icks."  He is SO his mother's son!!

Moose fits in perfectly with the family...there is never a dull moment with her around!! 

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Cheryl said...

She is not very lady-like, is she?