Friday, October 26, 2012

Catching Up...Part 2, Try 2...

Yesterday's pictures didn't post, so I will try once again...

The boys got their school pictures.  Sam seems so grown up...sniff.

Jack wore his best tie...SO Jack!

Moose was out exploring in the woods and brought me this meaty number...(gag!)  Later that week she brought me another bone...a leg part.  All I can think that there is more where that came from!

Jason and i went out to eat and I ordered birthday cake for dessert.  I was served and actual birthday cake!!  It was so dreamy...real butter cream frosting...yummy!!!

Jason I had to text a picture to Jack while we were out because he had text a picture of himself to us!

This is the picture that jack had text us...he was on a date with my mom at iHop!

Jason and I went and saw Bill awesome!

Sam enjoys a hot chocolate and reading the comics on a Sunday morning.

Megan and Jack went on a date to celebrate a success Jack had at school.  Jack dressed up again with his favorite shirt and tie!

Moose waved to her friend Esther!

Esther came over to hang out with Moose one afternoon.

Sam got new football gloves...his old ones were SO EXTREMELY SMELLY! I thought I could go one more week with the old gloves...I had soaked them in detergent and washed them and STILL when he got into he car after football practice they smelled so bad~ Sam even had to roll down his window they smelled so wrong!! (Sam has wanted pink football gloves for sometime.)

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