Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving Pumpkins...

Pumpkin carving is always interesting at our house. This year was no different.

Jack went to get his pumpkin and he was ticked. "MOM! You kept my pumpkin in the garage where it got all white, black and soft!!"  Yep, Jack's pumpkin was nasty and rotten.  Thank goodness we had made several trips to the pumpkin patch and had an extra pumpkin for Jack to carve.

Sam manned up and decided THIS was the year he was going to be able to help carve a pumpkin. Sam has not been able to participate with the pumpkin carving since he was a baby.  The first time he saw the guts of a pumpkin, he threw up.  At preschool, they carved pumpkins and Sam was in the front row and he threw up. I warned his first grade teacher when they were going to do a pumpkin carving activity.  he didn't throw up, but did watch the activity from a garbage can in the back of the room. So, needless to say, Sam has come a long way and THIS was going to be the year....

He took position...and opted for Jack to go first.

Jack put both hands right in...up to his elbows (gross!) and no gloves on to protect his hands!!!

Yep...he really didn't like the feel of all that stuff.

Nothing that a glove couldn't help!!

Sam's turn...He bravely put the "scoop" spoon into the pumpkin and out came a large glob of goo! He did it!!! And then he was done.

Go, Jack, Go!

Seriously?? Jack just has to rub it in to Sam!!

"That is so nasty, Jack!"  Sam sat down and couldn't watch the gore. Shortly after...he went inside.

Sam's pumpkin is an ISU football helmet.

Jack's is a Paul Frank monkey face.

Another "successful" pumpkin carving evening...thank you, Jason!!

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