Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Last Supper..

Last night was our last evening of summer...

The boys got to pick what they wanted to have for their last supper...

They wanted Jason to smoke hamburgers and Schwan's curly fries...I Culver's??? You want a dad made meal? (Why don't my food pictures look like the ones in the recipe books!)

Jack tried to like corn on the cob....he ate a little, but it's still "too sweet" for his tongue and he didn't like how he got "stuff" caught in his teeth.

Sam was very intent on telling me something...

Jack told Moose how he won't be around all day and she will be okay! 

Sam demonstrated how he can change a sad face... 

to a happy face with the wave of his hand! 

And then back again. Magic!!
LIke his new hair cut...he keeps getting it shorter and shorter!

jack had the last ice cream cone of summer.

then we decided to play catch.  I love this smile on's pure and so genuine!

Intense throwing!

Sam looks so grow up in this picture. *sniff* IN the background you can see Moose intently sniffing around the burn pile..which freaked me out because who knows what could be in there!!! UGH!!

Sam caught the ball with the tips of his fingers.  Love the look on his face!

We then went inside and started a game of Risk (started because it takes about 4 hours to play one game!).  Jason and I use to play Risk all the time until I finally decided that I didn't want to play with a rule bender! (Jason will adamantly deny this!) So we are playing and Jas seems to be bringing up rules while it's HIS turn. Both Sam and I called him out on this...I think I even dropped the dreaded line, "I TOLD you so, Sam!"  Jason still turned it around that we weren't listening to what he was saying...UGH!! Rule bender

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