Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Lego Party!!!

Finally, after all that "prep work," it was time for the party!
I would recommend a Lego party to anyone who has a Lego fan...it was the easiest party...they built the entire time!!

 When the boys first arrived, they sat down to make Lego t-shirts.  They could decorate their tee in any "Lego" manner.

I then ran downstairs, and ironed a little Lego head on the back of the tee (yes, I could have done it earlier!) 

I had purchased a Lego set called "wheels" from Amazon.  The boys kept busy building Lego cars to race down our home made ramp!

Check out Jack's tee...Luis, the One Eyed Piece!

Here is our homemade ramp the kiddos raced their cars down. I bet they spent 30 solid minutes racing, fixing and racing their cars some more.

At one point, I couldn't find Jason in the "race" area...he just couldn't resist!

We then played Lego bingo...

and opened presents.

A girl from Memory Bound made Jack's cake.  It was a HUGE hit!!

We split up the solid frosting Lego man...yum!

I'm pretty sure Jack enjoyed his Lego party!!

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