Monday, July 23, 2012

Lego Party Prep Part 2...

It's hard to believe that Jack's party was over a week ago..we have been so busy, that it seems like it was just yesterday!  Here are some more party prep photos!

I put little Lego faces on yellow solo cups...Jack was ok with this - he thought they looked more like smiley faces. Oh well.

Jack's silverware holder and the smiley faces!

I purchased two pounds of Lego candy on Amazon.  You could actually build with the candy!!

I filled clear little bags that I got from target.  I took a picture of a bunch of Legos, pasted it into a word document, add "thanks,"  printed the page off and we had instant Lego candy thank yous!

I looked everywhere for blue straws.  Finally found these at a party store...

So, I printed off little Lego heads, cut them out and taped them to the straws!

Sam helped out at the party, so I made him a Lego tee shirt to wear that day.

I also made jack a Lego tee for his birthday!

For another thank you, I created some Lego coloring books.

I printed off a bunch of Lego coloring images from the Lego web site.

then sewed the cover and pages all together...perfect coloring book and thank you!

I wanted to make Lego lanyards, so I bought some heavy ribbon and lanyards hooks.

I sewed the end of the ribbon, so the boys could wear their lanyards.

I then used my crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the Lego card that came with the Lego kit.  Each boy got one for a prize!

The Lego head banner hung up.

I also made a large Lego banner. I bought the plain banner at Memory Bound.

Then copied pages from Jack's Lego book called Standing Small. The pages fit perfectly on the 8x11 banner.

On the back of the banner I copied other pages from the book.