Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minneapolis Trip Part 3...

Mom gave me a copy of her Minneapolis pictures, so I have a few more to share...

Getting ready to head to the mall after checking in to our hotel room. 

Jack and Megan on the roller coaster.  Have you noticed how happy Megan is when she is on a ride?

Mom and Meg where watching the Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster.  I think Megan might be saying a swear word knowing that she was going to have to ride that coaster!

Breakfast the next the interaction!

I think Jack is telling Aunt a story...his little face is saying, "It really happened."

Meg looks at Sam like, "Is he serious?" 

We love our food!

Jack wanted a new tie, but just couldn't figure out which one would be the best choice....decisions, decisions.

Everyone was starting to get a little tired.

What Jack does to pass time while waiting for his mom...
and what Sam does while he waits.

Negotiating money at the Lego store...

 Jack created these little guys at the mini-figure kiosk in the Lego store. When we got home, Sam said to Jack, "Do you know that the guy with the "M" on his shirt has boobies."  They both thought that was pretty funny!!

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