Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Jason!!

Happy Anniversary, Jason!

Thirteen years ago, Jason and I got hitched!  It was a fun day and I was so excited to get married to Jas.

(fountain outside of where we got engaged)
Jason and I have been together for 20 years. 
If you would have told me 20 years ago, while I gazed upon Jason doing the PeeWee Herman dance at a bar, that I would marry him, I probably would have said, "cool."

After dating for seven years, Jason proposed to me in this hotel in Kansas City. When he asked me, I was SO EXTREMELY caught off guard, that I said in a calm voice, looking at him like he was pulling me leg, "shut up."  "No, I'm serious."  Then I took the ring and locked myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes.  The poor guy knocked on the door and said, "You haven't said yes yet, Katie."  Well, obviously, I said yes!

(The day Jack was born.)
The weekend we got engaged, my front tooth popped out.  I have a fake front tooth and Jason got something caught on his finger, which I said I could pull off with my teeth...I proceeded to pull with my teeth and my fake tooth popped out!  "OH! My toof jus pooped out!"  I yelled!!  My real tooth, which was ground down to fit the fake tooth, was a little stub and yellow...SUPER GROSS!! Jason looked at me and said, "I'm so glad I asked you to marry me."

(In Hawaii 2007)
I could actually get my fake tooth to fit on the old yellow stub, so I wouldn't look so bad the rest of the time in Kansas City. The only thing, was that  I had to talk real slow.  If I talked to fast, my tooth would fall out.  It was HORRIBLE, but all we did was laugh about it all! At one point, I told Jason that I wanted to go into a jewelry store on the Plaza to look at wedding bands...he looked at me and said, "NO! Your tooth might fall out!  Well, we can IF you don't talk!"

(Riding the train to a Vikings game 2008)
For our honeymoon, we went to Martha's Vineyard. I always wanted to go there and Jason agreed because, being the movie buff he is, Jaws was filmed on Martha's Vineyard.  One afternoon, we went to the Jaws beach to the weather.  A lot of the movies was filmed at this beach.  i sat down and got comfortable and Jason went into the water.  Suddenly, Jason SPRINTED out of the water with that deer in the the headlight look. "What's wrong???" I asked him.  He sat down beside me and said in a little voice, "I scared myself.  All I could hear was the Jaws music."

(Halloween 2008)
 Before our class reunion, Jas and I sat down to look over our annual to try to remember people for the following evening (because no one has changed for 20 years!)  Suddenly, I saw a picture of the two of us together and started to rant, "JASON!  I WAS IN HONOR SOCIETY??  OH MY...I don't remember being in honor society!  WOW!! HONOR SOCIETY!!!"  ON and on i went. Jason looked at the picture and said very nicely, "Katie, that is a picture of us in student council. You weren't in honor society"  Oops...for a moment I did wonder why I never got one of those bumper stickers..I guess that answers that question!

(Halloween 2009)
  When Sam was born, it really rocked my world.  I am a huge sleeper and the sleep deprivation did not go well with me!  Sometimes in the middle of the night, after feeding Sam, I would wake up Jason in tears sobbing, "He has red hair.  Do you think they will laugh at him in sixth grade?"  He would reassure me that everything would be okay and then take the next feeding!! 

(Race for the Cure 2009)
Jason was also very sleep deprived, but that didn't stop him from an afternoon of golfing.  each time there is a golf tournament (such as the Masters) on TV, a huge group of Jason's friends get together and have their own Master's tournament.  Jason usually isn't the best golfer and has come in last several times.  The group actually has named a award after Jason, "The Beldo" for the person who finished in last place.  Being so sleep deprived, jas thought for sure he would get the Beldo...but NO!  He came home with the WINNERS hat on. "Did they give that to you because they felt bad for you?" I asked.  "NO, Katie!!  I REALLY WON!!  I am so sleep deprived, that I was super relaxed, didn't really care and played the best golf ever!"  We were so happy....and then fell asleep.

(Thanksgiving 2009)
One afternoon Jason was putting up Jack's new bed. He came down and said, "I just sliced my hand open."  Jason knows I can't do blood (or vomit) and so the first thing out of my mouth was, "Whatever....Seriously?"  Oh baby...he sure wasn't telling a joke this time!  I looked at it and said, "OH NO!  I have got to go put my feet up!" Which means that I am feeling faint and need to lay down and elevate my feet.  I laid there moaning..."oh jeepers..oh my...oh dear lord." No, I had NOT hurt myself an any manner.  Jason came over and said, "I need stitches.  I take it I am going to have to drive myself..."  Yea..he had to drive himself.

(Disneyland 2011)
At the mall, I have a 50/50 chance of going the right way when I come out of a store. About 99% of the time I go the wrong way. Jason will actually fall back behind me to watch what I do. I have very little sense of direction. Sam now has that same problem...we are quite the pair at the mall.

(Father's Day 2012)
There are so many more stories I can share...At wedding showers, one of the "activities" I have come across is to write advice to the newlyweds.  Some things I have learned about marriage, is that it is hard work.  You have to work on it every day.  Definitely laugh together.  Laugh when things go wrong or aren't going like you want them to...it saves you from getting upset over the little things.  If you do get upset, I think it is okay to go to bed mad. Sometimes things just need to be left alone until the next day. Train your husband early to put the toilet seat down.  When you fall into the toilet seat in the middle of the night, yell like crazy so they have to save you and then see you in that horrible position..it only takes one or two times.  Always have each others back....everyone needs to know that they have somewhere to land safely if they fall.  As you can see, Jason has had to catch me...more then once!

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