Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When I found out that I needed a C-Section, I told them I didn't know if that was an option, because I hadn't read up on c-sections.  (I had read EVERYTHING about natural child birth!) My doctor told the nurse to get my a pamphlet on c-sections.

Jason sat beside my the entire time, holding my hand or rubbing my back (or maybe I am making that up.) Anyway, I do remember him telling me every time I was having a contraction because he was watching the monitor.  I remember telling him, "Really.  You don't think I know this?"
At one point, Jason got hungry and brought McDonald's in the room.  I politely asked him to take that foul smelling food out of the room immediately. He did.

I ended up having an emergency c-section with Sammy.  He started to go into distress.  They had to put me completely under.  My doctor is a tiny woman.  When they started to pull Sam out, she had to have someone help her! 

After being in recovery (due to being put completely under) I finally got to meet Sam.  I remember telling him how long I had waited to meet him. And then I reached up and took off his little stocking cap that the nurse had put on him.  "OH MY GOD...put some lead on that head and he could write with that pointed head!"  I heard my mom say, "I knew we shouldn't have let her take off the hat."

While my mom held him, she stated, "Oh..big babies are so easy to take care of." She came to eat those words...Sam was allergic to everything and was colicky.  That story is for another birthday!

I was on morphine for the next 24 hours and blew up like a balloon!  At one point my sister walked in and said, "Oh my!" That is one thing I love about my sister...she will let me know what's going on with me, plus she rubbed my feet while I laid like a blow fish.

While I was having my c-section, my family waited outside in the hall.  They heard Sam wail.  My dad looked at my mom and said, "It's a boy. No girl would yell like that!" 

When Jason rolled Sam out to meet the family, my dad took a photo of Sam laying in the little push cart.  Sam startled and jumped about 2 inches off of the bed.  I am glad he has gotten over that issue!

When Jason and I drove Sam home from the hospital, I think we went about 35 on the interstate.  We knew at that time, our lives had changed forever.

Would I do it all over again, of course I would. ( I would try to be on better behavior, though)

I can't imagine not having our little Sammy in our lives!