Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zombie Burger...

Every once in a while, Jason and I enjoy a good burger at the local Zombie Burger restaurant.  We wanted to take the boys, but knew we would have to take them during the day so they wouldn't get scared.  Not that the place is scary...the front of the resturaunt is like a take out fast food area...the back is a bit more "real" and we have yet to sit back there...but just the word Zombie makes Sam nervous.

Saturday afternoon seemed like a good time to try it out with the boys...oops.

The "scariest" thing was the picture above Sam, but he even thought that it wasn't too bad.  Here he is giving his best Zombie look...check out the dark circles under his eyes...that was because he had a sleep over the night before and stayed up LATE.  Sam and late nights DO NOT mix!! Jason was off getting us some brain freezes...AKA shakes.

Jack giving me his best Zombie look. He also had a sleep over and we now know that jack and late nights DO NOT mix!!  At this point, Sam was trying out his s'more brain freeze and decided that he did not like it due to the "chunks" in it...AKA graham crackers.  Seriously?

My Zombie boys.
At his time, Jack had tried his cherry brain freeze (which is cherry kool-aid mixed into vanilla ice-cream) and decided he didn't like his either!  WHAT??? We are off to an awesome dining experience!  Then came the burgers and Jack's chicken fingers...

My best try at being a zombie, but it just looks like I am stretching my face and Sam looks as if he is about to fall asleep. Sam proceeded to eat his burger (but NOT the fries) and Jack...well, let's just say he DID NOT like his chicken fingers...too much coating on them, chicken didn't taste right, too much ketchup on them...on and on and on and on and on.  He then states, "I am NEVER coming here again." (oh really) At one point even Sam rolled his eyes!! I did a lot of deep breathing, but when he spit his chicken fingers out into the basket and stated again, "I am NEVER coming here again!" I had had enough.

I took his basket of food...and get this...he asked me, "Oh, do you want my chicken fingers, mom?"  I looked at him and said, very calmly, "Seriously? You want me to eat food that you just...spit...into?"  He then knew I wasn't too happy. I looked at Sam and asked him if he was going to eat any more fires or was he...done...eating... too?  He had only eaten about three fries (they are spiced up differently, but at this point, he didn't dare say that!) and he said, "I'm good." At that point I gathered everyone's baskets of food and threw them away, came back to the table, which was quiet, and said, again calmly, "We are done. Let's go."  They all got up and we walked out of the restaurant behind me. 

No one said anything on the way to the car except Jason..."Wow, that was fun."

Lesson learned...the day after sleep overs we DO NOT try anything new..
and it's not what you say, but HOW you say it...especially if said very calmly and with pauses.

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