Monday, April 23, 2012

Jim Hensen...

In fourth grade, the students are required to research and then give a presentation about  famous person.  Sam chose Jim Hensen.

 The project begins with a blank board.  We had to "decorate" the board so it could be the background for Sam's presentation and hold pictures and a written paper about Jim Hensen. We started with gluing down 12x12 brick paper.

After the bricks were glued down, we made a curtain for the top and tied it on the sides with tassels.  It is suppose to look like the Muppet stage.

Sam then printed out large 8x10 faces of some of the Muppets, put chipboard behind each character to make them sturdy and then duct taped each one to the back of the stage.

He was very pleased with his end product!!  He even did most of it on his own. I only helped him with parts! He told me he didn't want me to take over the whole thing..AS IF!!

He then needed to get a costume together because the kiddos were also required to dress up as their famous person during their presentation.  So we took the Moses wig or, according to Jason, the Jim Morrison wig (which had grown a bit longer due to the amount of wearing: all three boys have enjoyed the wig a lot this week!) and set out to cut it to resemble a 70s dude cut! 

Ta Da!! After the trim and adding the beard, we now have Jim Hensen in the house.
Part 2 of the presentation...later this week!

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